2419 Cobb Parkway, Smyrna, GA 30080 | TEL: 770-612-1022

PHILOSOPHY | Healthy hair and design should coexist. Proficient in the science of the hair and scalp as well as understanding that every person is an individual with a unique personality.

MISSION STATEMENT |  To empower and enrich the lifestyles of men and women, seeking beautiful, healthy hair, whether it’s relaxed, natural or color treated. We provide a mastery of hair care sciences that completely transforms unhealthy hair to beautiful hair from the inside and out and to maintain healthy hair.

VISION STATEMENT |   “Its Not Just a Salon but An Experience”

At LaʼSeviance Etc Hair Spa Salon, not only are we committed to helping you look and feel your best, we  believe that healthy hair care is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle.  We take a holistic approach to caring for your hair because we know it effects your overall wellbeing. Itʼs not just your outer appearance that matters but that outer beauty must be in alignment with your inner beauty or spirit.  This is important because we tend to feel how we look.  And, since we believe the best person you can be is you, we help you be the best you that you can be with hair spa-style services that cater to your whole being.

We start by conducting a thorough consultation to determine your individual needs and desires before every service to ensure your utmost satisfaction with the outcome of the service provided. All consultations with stylists and colorists are complimentary when being serve.  Our main objective with our consultations is to make sure we meet and exceed your expectations with our services and use the products that help you achieve the most healthy and beautiful hair possible.  Our role is your hair care partner.

Accordingly, to achieve the most beautiful and healthy results possible, we use some of the best products available in the beauty industry today. Our product lines include Wella, Enjoy,  Mazini, Nioxin, Design Essential, and Sebastian.

We also believe that continuing education and practical training of our employees ensures an excellent experience for our clientele. We achieve this by attending hair shows and conferences and taking classes at nationally recognized academies, which includes events and classes at Bronner Brothers, Orlando, Birmingham and Vegas Premier, Dudleyʼs EMS Conference, IBS New York and Chicago and PBA Professional Beauty association.

Participating in show events and keeping up with current trends in art and fashion are integral parts of our growth as beauty professionals. Doing so allows us to offer you the latest in hair care, hair technology and products as well as hair styling and design.

However, we recognize that while many want to experience the latest fashion trends and hair styling, each client is an individual with their own unique style and personality. Thus, we will design a look to fit your personality and lifestyle from customizing a haircut to recommending hair color that will enhance your skin tone and eye color.  It is our privilege to inform you of all the great styling options that are available to you.

There is much more to a great style than just the cut and color. We feel passionately about encouraging our clients to properly care for their hair at home. Our staff is extensively trained in recommending the appropriate care regimen for your particular needs by educating you about specific hair products and how to use them to achieve and maintain beautiful, healthy hair.

Because achieving healthy hair starts with us, we offer hair treatments to help maintain your hair in its healthiest condition. A hair treatment is a customized to repair and restores hair balance, shine, strength and flexibility. The treatments are revolutionary, long lasting, and nurturing. Our hair spa treatments help control fine, frizzy, flyaway hair as well as tame coarse, curly and rebellious hair. Just as importantly, we offer scalp treatments that tackle buildup, dandruff, flaky, dryness and thinning.

Our comfortable, relaxed atmosphere is designed to make our clients feel great and look fabulous. We make your experience all about you. We welcome you to the LaʼSeviance Hair Spa Salon experience!

Best of Smyrna 2008 Hair Salon by the US Local Business Association